Sunday, October 8, 2017

Fall YA Scavenger Hunt

Are you a fan of scavenger hunts? Are you ever stuck in a book depression after reading a really good book and don't know what to read next?

Well, twice a year, there is a young adult scavenger hunt hosted by author Collen Houck that challenges you to read different authors' blogs and find their favorite number. Different? Yes. The challenge allows you sneak peeks into new, up and coming books by your favorite author or author to be!

This past week I took part in the fall YA Scavenger Hunt (Go Red Team/Orange Team). This hunt is hosted twice a year, once in the spring, and again in the fall. 140 authors are split into teams of 20, who will share the hunt details on their respective blog pages. The authors will showcase another author (on their team) and share that author's new book details. Somewhere in the blog post she or he will mention her/his favorite number and a link to the next author to see the next showcase and number. At the end of all 20 authors, you must add together all the numbers and enter them on the YA Scavenger Hunt main website.

It is very helpful to have Excel in this hunt!

I implore you to try this hunt next spring, as it is fun and you get to read a lot of new book excerpts! If you do not like to read young adult, there is also a sister scavenger hunter for adult reads! See here for the YA Scavenger Hunt details and here for the New Adult Scavenger Hunt details.

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Until next time!